Zen Tree – Shoot Day

Zen Tree – Shoot Day

Studio Matter created and produced Zen Tree, a 5-film holiday campaign.  The concept for this series was created and written in August 2015, production design and set build took place for over a month.  The series was shot during the last week of October.

Here are some images from that portion of the production.

All five films of Zen Tree will be released in December 2015.

Created & Produced by Studio Matter
Head Producer: Bonnie Choi
Director: Justin Rigby





studio matter_zentree_shoot_01

studio matter_zentree_shoot_02

studio matter_zentree_shoot_03

studio matter_zentree_shoot_04

studio matter_zentree_shoot_09

studio matter_zentree_shoot_10

studio matter_zentree_shoot_12

studio matter_zentree_shoot_13

studio matter_zentree_shoot_14

studio matter_zentree_shoot_15

studio matter_zentree_shoot_17

studio matter_zentree_shoot_18  studio matter_zentree_shoot_20